My Journey

My Journey

The beauty of sharing a meal lies within creating memories that live on in our children and their children.


Fatima Sydow Passes Away

It is with deep sadness that we, the Sydow Family, announce the passing of our beloved sister, Fatima Sydow. As a renowned culinary artist and beloved personality, she has left an indelible mark on the culinary world. Fatima, known for ...
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My savoury items are now available to purchase

I'm so happy to launch some of my traditional Cape Malay savoury items like samoosas, rotis, sausage rolls and other items which you can now enjoy if you're in Cape Town. These recipes have been passed on to me from ...
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My special spice range now available

I'm so excited to present my spice range. turmeric cumin masala spice curry spice lamb and chops steak and mutton spice chicken braai chicken spice breyani spice fish spice My spices are available via my website. Click here Please note ...

Fatima Sydow announced as Children’s Hospital Trust Ambassador

The Children’s Hospital Trust (CHT) is proud to call some of the most loved local and international personalities our ambassadors who dedicate their time and energy to supporting our work. But, being an ambassador for a cause is more than ...

A prayer for everyone

This prayer is for everyone -- no matter your colour, race or religion. For all those who are sick. For all the troubled souls. For the old, the young, the hungry and the homeless. Last but not least, for our ...
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A Sunday Lunch Treat

Imagine you are in bed and don’t feel like cooking. It’s Sunday and the family will be sure to want to eat at lunchtime. Suddenly, a group of ladies pull up with their car and unpack goodies. They walk into ...
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The humble samoosa

In the past, it was unheard of to purchase samoosas for any event or family gathering. Everything was made from scratch and everyone would pitch in and somehow it all would work out just fine. Samoosas were fried in the ...
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My Father

I remember like it was yesterday... I called my dad at his workplace many years ago ...but somehow came through at the security office... I asked ...may I please speak to Mr Sydow... The man replied, "You mean The Honourable ...
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