A prayer for everyone

A prayer for everyone
This prayer is for everyone — no matter your colour, race or religion.
For all those who are sick. For all the troubled souls. For the old, the young, the hungry and the homeless. Last but not least, for our dearly departed…

May the Almighty grant all a high place in Jannah/Heaven…


May we all find peace and solace in the kindness of all those who bestowed it on us, insha Allah (God Willing).


Never forget those who are suffering and always find it in our hearts to make it easy on them.


Be a giver of Joy…Try it…It’s free and won’t cost you anything…
A hug, a smile, a hello. How are you? How was your day? Do you need some company? Can I help you? You can talk to me… I’m here for you… I love you ❤️

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