My Father

My Father

I remember like it was yesterday…

I called my dad at his workplace many years ago …but somehow came through at the security office… I asked …may I please speak to Mr Sydow…

The man replied, “You mean The Honourable Mr Sydow?”

And so it began, my very first moment in time where I got a glimpse of who my father really is, to me and to others. 

A man of profound integrity …who never took a day off from work …who had leave accumulated a man who started as a messenger to finishing school and working himself to a better position …all this for his beloved family…

You can put two slices of dry bread in front of him and apologise and say sorry there is nothing else to eat …His response would be …

Alghamdullilah, this is the most delicious bread ….let’s not forget he would say ….there are many who will go without food tonight …let’s always be grateful ..

I can hear him now, always in a state of prayer ….always believing that good will overcome evil…

Every day he reminds us, no matter what life throws at us … Remember to always do the good deeds, remain steadfast and how you were raised, keep your integrity and good character in check always…

Don’t talk down to anyone, we all are the same, uplift, encourage, be kind, be fair and be just. 

A man who walks in the rain to go and post a handwritten birthday letter to everyone he knows every year… Hundreds and more, come rain or shine …sick or bones aching … Off he goes with a big smile….

A man who never just prays for a few but for all mankind….

Revered and admired …What an honour it is for me to have a father like you Pa, Abduraghman Sydow.

Shukran for always being there for us and so many others, Shukran for all your love and guidance …most of all Shukran for showing us the true meaning of being a devoted and loving father. 

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