Lemon Atchar

Lemon Atchar

Lemon Atchar

Recipe by Fatima SydowCourse: SidesCuisine: Cape Malay

When I asked my beloved aunty Fatima Abrahams, also known as Miemie, if she
would like to share her famous lemon atchar recipe, I could not believe my ears when
she said yes. A renowned cook and atchar maker, for her at all began with a small
amount of atchar making in her kitchen so many years ago, it was so delicious, and
everyone wanted to buy. In her own words, “I want my legacy to be where people
remember the flavours of my special lemon atchar.


  • 7 kg lemons

  • 500 g salt

  • 2 cups methi masala

  • 2 litres vegetable oil

  • 3 litres water

  • Makes 20 jars


  • Cut the lemons into small pieces. In a very large container, add the water, salt and lemon pieces and soak for 1 week, cover the container.
  • Next, strain off all the water. Add the methi masala and cooking oil and stir well. Place a litre of the lemon atchar
  • at a time in a bowl and microwave for 5-6 minutes.
  • Allow to cool completely. Let the atchar soak for 3-4 days.
  • Fill in sterilised jars.

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