Lemon Atchar

Lemon Atchar

Lemon Atchar

Recipe by Fatima SydowCourse: SidesCuisine: Cape Malay

When I asked my beloved aunty Fatima Abrahams, also known as Miemie, if she
would like to share her famous lemon atchar recipe, I could not believe my ears when
she said yes. A renowned cook and atchar maker, for her at all began with a small
amount of atchar making in her kitchen so many years ago, it was so delicious, and
everyone wanted to buy. In her own words, β€œI want my legacy to be where people
remember the flavours of my special lemon atchar.


  • 7 kg lemons

  • 500 g salt

  • 2 cups methi masala

  • 2 litres vegetable oil

  • 3 litres water

  • Makes 20 jars


  • Cut the lemons into small pieces. In a very large container, add the water, salt and lemon pieces and soak for 1 week, cover the container.
  • Next, strain off all the water. Add the methi masala and cooking oil and stir well. Place a litre of the lemon atchar
  • at a time in a bowl and microwave for 5-6 minutes.
  • Allow to cool completely. Let the atchar soak for 3-4 days.
  • Fill in sterilised jars.

1 thought on “Lemon Atchar”

  • Hi Fatima thank you for the recipe, please can u give me the measurements for 1 jar. I want to try it out first before making 20☺️ Thank you love your YouTube channel ????????

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